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Mary Granola

Welcome to the Well+Free Podcast! I'm Mary, an online business owner, coach, writer, yoga teacher, and multidimensional human-being. The mission of this podcast is to inspire you to experience a sense of a openness and expansion through the lens of spirituality, entrepreneurship, impact, and service. Because, here's the thing, wellness is more than just physical well-being and freedom is more than that fluffy abundance talk we see circulating on IG. It's about liberating yourself. Turning painful past experiences into your empowered present and future. This special slice of the online space is reserved for realness, rawness, and heart-centeredness. I'm so happy you're here. If you enjoy this podcast, I would love if you could leave a rating/review and share it on your favorite social media platforms or with friends. Thank you for your support! IG- @marygranola